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Houston Dragon Academy is a comprehensive school, that mainly focuses on fostering student’s Chinese and Mathematics learning, as well as preparing for College Admission Examinations.

In 2016, in order to make it convenient for children who lived near Medical Center to learn Chinese in the neighborhood, Instructor Wang Rong founded the Houston Dragon Academy, hoping that every child could learn here with joy, mature healthily, and help them to realize their hope and dream.

The campus is located at the Houston Medical Center, near West University. In the vicinity, there are various hospitals such as the famous MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas Children’s Hospital, and others. There is also a KUMON and a Houston Public Library at Stella Link. The academy will admit students on 8/22/2016, and classes officially begin on 8/27/2016. The school’s predecessor is a French language school, with many classrooms and activity rooms, very well-equipped facilities, and a playground. The campus is quiet, convenient, and extremely safe.

Merrily learn Chinese, effortlessly learn Mathematics

Right here at Houston Dragon Academy!


Principal - RongWang

毕业于休斯顿大学工商管理硕士专业, 同时取得美国公立学校教师资格证。


2016 年她在加尔维斯顿海岸近50多所公立学校和私立学校,近万名老师中,被选为最受学生欢迎和最有影响力的Top 50 的教师称号。也是这近百年唯一得此称号的华人教师。

I am extremely excited to be the Chinese teacher at Ball High School for 10 years, and 12 years a Chinese teacher of weekend Chinese school. I have a master’s degree from the University of Houston and have been certified by the state of Texas to teach EC-12 Chinese Class, ESL (EC-12). director of afterschool and AP Chinese Class.

I have a great passion for education and I am extremely proud of my students’ progress and accomplishment. From 2009 to the present day, around 200 students of my AP Chinese class have earned a 5 on the test. Not only that, but my students’ rate of passing is 100% and the rate at which my students’ score a 5 is 99%. No words can express how excited I am to be able to work with students. What comes to mind is the old Chinese proverb: “Fortune always appreciate a hardworking person.” As one of the award winners of the TOP 50 teachers in Galveston, Texas for the 2015-16 year, I want to say: Parents, students, thank you for letting me to take part in your child’s growth.

Kindergarten - Wenzhu Guo



I graduated from the Ocean University of China with a master's degree in 2012. During my graduate study, I got a chance to become an assisted mentor in undergraduate teaching and management. At that time, I found that I loved to teach and hoped to be a teacher, eventually attending and completing the training for a teaching certificate.

After coming to the United States, I began to engage in Chinese teaching. I love children and am good at communicating with them, having accumulated experience in the past years in arousing their learning interest and enthusiasm. It is my educational belief to have love, patience, and responsibility for each child.

1st Grade - Qian Duan



Qian Duan graduated from Henan Normal University for Kindergarten Teachers and has engaged in teaching children's art for more than 20 years.She is rated as one of his province's outstanding teachers.

By advising children on their painting techniques, she’s helped her students win national and international awards. She has won first place awards in province several times, and her teaching organization has also helped place first.

To help overseas Chinese children learn Chinese despite the difficulty, She uses her own unique teaching mode, entertaining and educational games to keep students interested and happy. She designed a course for specific students' needs, cultivating talent through observation and imagination. She had children's work win first place in international competitions.

2nd Grade - Xiang Long



Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature (National Liberal Arts Base), Hunan Normal University, Master of Chinese Language and Literature, Sun Yat-Sen University. Lecturer in Applied Linguistics.

Before coming to the United States, I worked as a teacher for ten years at the Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University.I taught many courses in my Chinese international education major, such as Modern Chinese, Sociolinguistics, Introduction to Linguistics, and Chinese Rhetoric. I joined the team of Dragon Academy in 2018. Here, I will continue to teach each child carefully and let the children learn Chinese happily in a relaxed atmosphere.

3rd Grade - Hua Wang


担任美国 Faith Day School 主教老师一年,华夏中文学校中文老师三年,现在 Houston Dragon Academy 担任中文教师。


Graduated from Houston Community College with Associate of Applied Science in Child Development, I had one year lead teacher working experience at Faith Lutheran Day School and three years Mandarin Chinese teaching working experience at Huaxia Chinese School. Currently, I teach third and fourth grade Mandarin Chinese at Houston Dragon Academy.

In 2017, I participated the International Chinese Language Teacher Professional Ability Certification program, and received the Chinese Teacher Certificate issued by the Chinese Language Institute of Jinan University.

4th Grade - Xiaoju Cheng


硕士毕业后从事着与中文教育相关的工作。曾任教于两所私立学校 Tanglewood academy 和 River oaks Baptist school,教授对象是非中文母语的孩子们。并且一直在龙学的暑期夏令营和周末中文班给华语家庭的孩子们教授中文。


Ms. Cheng graduated from the University of Houston with a master’s degree in Education. Her expertise in Education is developing curriculum and creating novel instructional plans for teaching Mandarin.

Currently she is a language teacher at a public charter school, and works for the Houston Dragon Academy weekend school. She believes that every child needs to be educated with love, care and respect. She makes learning language fun and creates engaging lessons that motivate students to blow past their potentials. Her professional goal is to be an outstanding educator in the language teaching areas.

4th Grade - Junfang Nie


Zhengzhou Normal University 11th undergraduate, Zhengzhou key primary school demonstration school 10 years middle school teacher, Junfang Nie has been repeatedly rated as an outstanding teacher, where her coaching demonstration class won first prize. I believe that a systematic educational teaching concept, rich educational teaching experience, and young and dynamic classroom interaction, are deeply loved by students. I always believe that hard work and study can bring us more opportunities.

CSL - Na Zang



Na Zang , bachelor of Chinese Literature and Art Department of Liaoning University, Ph.D. in Aesthetics of Literature and Art. I have been teaching in the fields of literature and art for many years, and has rich teaching and research experience. I have published many research articles on culture and art in Chinese influential journals, and published several theoretical works and non-fiction works in well-known press.

I joined the team of Houston Dragon Academy in 2020. I do hope to open a window for viewing Chinese culture in an interesting way for Chinese learners living overseas, guide them to explore the mysteries, and explore the development and innovation through the interaction between multi-culture in the future.

5th Grade - Hong Wu


Undergraduate students of NENU, graduate student of Beijing Normal University,Beijing Key High School Model School 30 Years Senior Teacher, Ministry of Education "Bauhinia Cup" winner,6 years of North American teaching experience.

I believe that systematic teaching ideas, rich teaching experience, vivid teaching methods are needed by students, with that type of teaching resulting in practical results that are refined and respected.

6th/7th - Lili Yang



Lili Yang, graduated from Center South University with a master degree. Since graduation, I had been engaged in virtue education and psychology education for undergraduate students for five years, winning the Award for Excellence in Teaching twice. While working as the teaching assistant during my Master’s study in the Department of Statistics of The University of Tennessee, I was also well received by the undergraduate students due to my great efforts. Since 2006, I had been teaching Chinese in such schools as the Chinese School of Knoxville Chinese Christian Church, the Chinese School of Houston Chinese Church, and the Upper School of the Second Baptist School Houston. Throughout the years, I explored and established a teaching mode combining traditional teaching with digital teaching,arousing my students’ interest in learning Chinese. With my teaching, my students were able to learn Chinese happily and effectively, and parents were pleased to support and cooperation. I am a teacher full of passion, affection and commitment.

8th/9th Grade - Xueqin Yao


When I was a child, my dream was to be a teacher. It was a hard choice to choose between being an accountant, which I excelled at, or to reach for my dreams. But when our family moved to America in 2016, I chose my childhood dream. So I volunteered in BSF, CCF in church. I worked as a teacher at the Chinese school. I managed to learn a lot about education this way. I love children and children love me too. During that time, I took children's education courses, eventually earning my CDA credential. I am a teacher now, and I have the love and passion to continue my Dream!

Math - Ms.Meng

孟老师拥有物理教育硕士学位。 她拥有得克萨斯州的数学,物理和中文教师证书。 她在HISD高中教数学任职14年。

Ms. Meng has the master’s degree of physics education. She has Texas math, physics and Chinese teacher certificates. She has been teaching math in at an HISD high school for 14 years.