In March, the COVID 19 outbreak began in the United States, and many schools have closed, cancelling in-person classes. The primary concern for many parents is the delay of their children’s education due to the suspension of classes, so parents have begun focusing more and more on online courses.

Many school districts in the Houston area have started online classes, while Dragon Academy has been one of the first to use Zoom as a teaching platform, converting classes into an online format.

美国3月开始疫情爆发, 许多学校都陆续停课了。 家长们最担心的事情就是孩子的学习不能因为学校停课而耽误了,于是网课就越来越成为家长的关注点。

休斯顿地区有许多学区开始进行网上教学,与国内公立统一在线上课不同,他们根据各学区不同,运用着不同的网络学习软件。美国疫情刚开始,龙学率先停课,同时运用 zoom 的软件做平台,在疫情期间把实体课堂的教学转为网课。

Merrily learn Chinese, effortlessly learn Mathematics

Right here at Houston Dragon Academy!


When COVID 19 began spreading in the U.S., Houston Dragon Academy was one of the first to suspend in-person classes. We began using Zoom as a teaching platform, converting classes into an online format.

Our school’s philosophy is to put the health and safety of our students first, as well as to create an interactive communication network for students during the suspension of in-person classes.

Our school offers Chinese, English and math classes. We strictly follow the American primary and secondary school syllabi and TEKS for teaching. Enrichment immersion mandarin classes also have online lectures, including painting, dancing, singing, chess , Math club and online versions of sports. Our school is based on the community, with a principle of service and public welfare.

In this difficult time, teachers are committed to teaching students in all ways, including extracurriculars such as storytelling, music appreciation, singing, dancing and sports in. Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Pre-calculus, SAT math. The warmest love is between us and our entire community.

Together , We are strong!

龙学天下中文学校是大休斯顿地区的一所集课后班和周末班的的中文沉浸教学的学校,美国疫情刚开始,龙学率先停课,同时运用zoom 的软件做平台在疫情期间把实体课堂的教学转为网课。


学校开设了中文课堂,英语和数学课堂,学校严格参照美国的中小学的教学大纲TEKS 进行教学,才艺课也有公众演讲课,画画,舞蹈,唱歌,和体育其他网络教学,初高中代数,几何课,SAT 数学课,和数学竞赛课程。

学校本着为社区服务的原则, 开展了各项公益课堂, 老师们和一些学生志愿者义务为学生开课教学, 如讲故事, 音乐欣赏, 唱歌, 舞蹈,体育运动, 在这困难的疫情期间传达这龙学所有老师和学校员工对孩子们和整个社区最温暖的爱意。