In order to maintain good teaching environment, improve the management level and the quality of teaching in the school, the school expects parents to be close cooperation in the following areas:

1. To send students to the school on time, and to ensure that students bring all school materials needed. Students should be arrived five minutes earlier before the class. If the student is unable to come to school, should let his/her teachers know, asking for help him/her to make up the classes in a timely manner.

2. To educate students should strictly obey the management and guidance of teachers and school staff to comply with school discipline during the school time. To respect teachers, students should help each other and study hard.

3. During the school hours, parents should not chat in the hallway or stay in an empty classroom. Parents can stay in the parents lounge or library, read books and newspapers.

4. No food and drink are allowed into the teaching area. Parents and students can have meals in the parents lounge.

5. To educate students to take good care of school properties, do not paint or craft on the wall and table. If there is any damage caused by the student, the parents are responsible to pay according to the price compensation.

6. To educate students do not speak bad words, do not curse, do not fight. If any fights manhandled injury happened, the parents bear the corresponding liability.

7. Every time after the school, to make sure if the students bring any notice or report from the school, supervision and counseling students to complete homework and other things should be done. Regularly check e-mail and visit our website in order to receive school information in a timely manner.

8. To educate students do not play in the parking lot, and definitely do not leave the school campuses during the school time.

9. To pick up students from school on time. Parents should pick up students within 15 minutes after classes finished. The school is not responsible for the management and security after classes. For the special circumstances, please notify the school before the school closed.

10. Campus driving should not exceed 10MPH. Parking, reversing, on and off, please pay attention to the safety of students, and obey duty personnel and campus police commanding.

11. Duty parents register at the front desk first to get duty badge, and obedient school office staff working arrangements. Should conscientiously perform their duties and watch keeping duties, maintain campus order to protect the safety of students.

12. For student discipline and behavior in school, the school will give the arrangements necessary to service the campus or on duty. If necessary, the teacher or school may notify the parents to assist. For the students serious breach of school discipline, affect the normal teaching order, the school has the right to give appropriate treatment.

13. Parents should lead by example, respect for teachers, with school and teachers in the implementation of the school’s discipline, rules and regulations. If the students breach the discipline, should consciously assist teachers and school to educate them, and make the appropriate treatment.

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