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Dear Parents:Houston Dragon Academy - Pearland Branch’s after-school program will be closed today, Monday, September 13, due to weather conditions related to tropical storm Nicholas. The online classes will not be affected and continue as usual. Thank you for your understanding, and please stay safe!Houston Dragon Academy9-13-2021


通知尊敬的家长们、同学们:        美国劳动节将至,下周星期一(9月6日) 龙学课后班实体课和网课放假,9月7日恢复正常上课,感谢大家的支持!         祝劳动节快乐!龙学天下中文学校8-31-2021NoticeDear parents & students:      The Labor Day is approaching and Houston Dragon Academy will be closed on September 6th. The Weekday school will resume on September 7th.Houston Dragon Academy8-31-2021


放假通知尊敬的家长们、同学们:    龙学实体课于2021年7月5日(星期一)放假一天, 7月6日恢复正常上课。    网课不放假,照常上课。感谢大家的支持!    祝大家美国独立日快乐!龙学天下中文学校6-30-2021Holiday NoticeDear parents & students,Houston Dragon Academy In-person Classes will be closed on 7/5/2021 (Monday).  The school will resume on 7/6/2021 (Tuesday).The online classes will not be affected and continue as usual. Thanks for your support.Happy Independence Day!Houston Dragon Academy6-30-2021

Teacher recruitment

Job TitleTeacher (Internship)DepartmentChinese LanguageJob SummaryPrepares lesson plans and instructs students in activities designed to promote social, physical, and intellectual growth.General Duties*Instructs students individually and/or in groups with adaptive teaching methods that meet students’ varying needs and interests.Develops lesson plans, prepares materials, and sets up classrooms for class activities.Establishes clear objectives for all lessons and projects and communicates these objectives to students.Prepares and implements remedial programs and assists students who require extra help through tutoring.Assigns lessons and corrects homework.Establishes and enforces rules for behavior and procedures to maintain order among students.Meets with parents or guardians to discuss student progress and to determine priorities for the student and their needs.Prepares students for advancement by encouraging them to explore learning opportunities and to persevere with challenging tasks.Observes and evaluates student performance, behavior, and/or social development.Assess needs of class participants and modifies class content or teaching method to meet those needs.Conducts quality assurance audits and participates in committee meetings to receive and report information.Demonstrates ability to lead diverse groups of people and facilitate the understanding of group dynamics.Participates in professional training and/or coursework as required and needed.* The company reserves the right to add or change duties at any time.Job QualificationsEducation: Bachelor’s degree in field of instruction courseExperience: 1-2 years of related experience or equivalent combination of education and experience or equivalent work as a student teacher.SkillsExcellent verbal and written communicationSocial perceptivenessStrong instructing capabilitiesDiverse teaching methodologiesActive listening and learningCritical thinkingComplex problem solvingPosition Type:Chinese Language TeacherDate Posted:5/30/2021Location:Houston Dragon AcademyDate Available:8/1/2021Contract Type:To be determined during interviewSalary:To be determined during interviewDate:6/14-8/20Job:Full-time or part-timeJob Application Link: https://forms.gle/oLS6ruewHktXny9C6

Houston Dragon Academy will be closed on Memorial Day

                                                                                                                                                                                通知尊敬的家长们、同学们:     龙学实体课 将于周一Memorial Day (5/31/2021)放假一天,6月1日恢复正常上课,感谢大家的支持!     特此通知                                                                                                                                    龙学天下中文学校                                                                                                                                            5-30-2021                                                                                    NoticeHouston Dragon Academy physical class will be closed on Memorial Day (5/31/2021) on Monday, and classes will resume on June 1. Thank you for your support!Houston Dragon Academy 5-30-2021

2021 Summer Camp Open Registration


尊敬的家长们、同学们:         龙学实体课将于下周3月29日(星期一)和 4月2日(星期五)放假两天, 3月30至4月1日(星期二至星期四)正常上课。         网课不放假,照常上课。感谢大家的支持!         特此通知龙学天下中文学校3-26-2021NoticeDear parents & students,Houston Dragon Academy In-person Classes will be closed for two days next week on 3/29 (Monday) & 4/2/2021 (Friday).The online classes will continue as usual. Thanks for your support.Houston Dragon Academy3-26-2021

Spring Break

尊敬的家长们、同学们:         龙学课后班和周末班将于春假(3/15-21/2021)放假一周。春假期间,龙学推出春令营,欢迎大家报名参加。         3/22/2021(Monday)恢复正常上课。感谢大家的支持!         特此通知龙学天下中文学校3-4-2021NoticeDear parents & students,Houston Dragon Academy afterschool and weekend classes will be closed during spring break (3/15-21/2021). Houston Dragon Academy has spring camp, welcome to register and have fun.The school will resume on 3/22/2021 (Monday). Thanks for your support.Houston Dragon Academy3-4-2021


通知尊敬的家长们、同学们:         龙学实体课将于2/22-2/26/2021(星期一至星期五)放假一周, 3月1日恢复正常上课。         网课2月22日(星期一)恢复正常上课。感谢大家的支持!         特此通知龙学天下中文学校2-21-2021NoticeDear parents & students,Houston Dragon Academy In-person Classes will be closed on 2/22-2/26/2021(Monday -Friday). The school will resume on 3/1/2021.The online classes will resume on 2/22/2021(Monday). Thanks for your support.Houston Dragon Academy2-21-2021


尊敬的家长们、同学们:         由于天气原因造成很多地区仍处于停电状态,龙学本周(2/15-2/19)的全部课程取消(实体课和网课),课程会往后顺延,春季学期结束时间顺延一周至5/14/2021。给您带来不便,请谅解。感谢大家的支持!         特此通知龙学天下中文学校2-16-2021NoticeDear parents & students,Due to power outages in Great Houston area, Houston Dragon Academy decided to cancel all the classes (In-person and Online classes) scheduled in this week (2/15-2/19). All the scheduled classes will be postponed accordingly. The last week of spring semester will be extended to 5/14/2021 for one more week.Apologize for any inconvenience to you and thanks for your understanding!Houston Dragon Academy2-16-2021



Houston Dragon Academy will be closed on 2/13-2/14/2021

NoticeDear parents & students:       Chinese New Year is approaching and Houston Dragon Academy will be closed on 2/13-2/14/2021. The Weekend school will resume on 2/20/2021.Houston Dragon Academy2-7-2021

Houston Dragon Academy will be closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Parents Meeting

End of 2020 fall semester events

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