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Now Hiring:Houston Dragon Academy is now hiring as we expand the school. We hope that you can bring ingenuity and new perspectives to our community, and in return, we will provide a space for growth and development!1. Requirements: Undergraduate degree or above with teaching experience. Must have a sense for solid work and responsibility, strong communication and coordination skills, and be able to work with a team. 2. Positions available: three Chinese teachers, two math teachers,  two English teachers, one school bus driver.3. Wages are negotiable.4. Contact method:  emailContact: Ms. GuoEmail: info@houstondragonacademy.org                              招聘启事     龙学天下中文学校现因学校发展需要,现面向社会招聘,愿您的加入给我们带来新的活力,我们也将为您提供广阔的发展空间!1、招聘要求:正规本科以上师范学历,工作认真扎实,具有较强的沟通协调能力和团队协作意识,有责任心;师范专业,有教学经验。2、招聘人数及岗位:中文老师 三名, 数学老师二名,校车司机一名, 英文老师两名。3.工资待遇, 面议4.报名方式:Email联系人:郭老师Email: info@houstondragonacademy.orgpost coming up soon...