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End of 2020 fall semester events

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NoticeDear parents & students:      Houston Dragon Academy will be closed from 11/23 (Monday) to 11/29 (Sunday) for the Thanksgiving Holiday. The school will resume on 11/30/2020 (Monday).Happy Thanksgiving!Houston Dragon Academy11-3-2020                                                                                                                    通知 尊敬的家长们、同学们:        感恩节即将来临,龙学现作出以下放假安排:        2020年11月23日(星期一)至11月29日(星期日)放假,共放假7天,11月30日(星期一)恢复正常上课。       祝大家感恩节快乐!  龙学天下中文学校11-3-2020

Continue online classes on 10/19

Dear all,Based on the discussions from the meeting, data collected from the survey, analysis of other various factors, and our policy of always making students' safety our top priority, Houston Dragon Academy has decided to continue online classes on 10/19/2020. On 1/4/2021, in-person classes will officially begin, and online classes will also continue. A combination of online and in-person courses will become Houston Dragon Academy's new teaching model in the future. Tomorrow, after we have organized the minutes from the meeting, we will send them to you!Parents, thank you for all of your support!大家好,经过今晚的会议商讨,以及调查表的数据和各项因素分析,大家始终坚持以孩子的安全为第一位。龙学最终决定10/19/2020 继续网课。1/4/2021 正式开放实体课,同时也会继续实行网络教学。网络课和实体课并行教学将成为龙学今后新的教学模式。具体会议记录的内容,我们整理后,明天发给大家!感谢所有关心和支持我们的家长们!

The school will be closed for Labor Day (9-7-2020,Monday )

Notice: The school will be closed for Labor Day (9-7-2020 )next week. Classes will continue on 9-8-2020. Thank you for your continued support!Houston Dragon Academy9-3-2020

2020 Summer Camp Virtual End Program

Notice: Houston Dragon Academy will be holding our 2020 Summer Camp Virtual End Program. Please join us in celebrating our amazing students! The ceremony will be on August 8, 2020 at 4:30 PM.


1)  No School for Nov. 30th ,  Dec. 1st 2019.2) Thanksgiving camp    Date: 11/25,26,27, Time :  7:30 am -7:00 pm  Address: 8915 Timber side Dr Houston TX 770253)  Winter camp Date: 12/23/2019- 1/3/2020, Time :  7:30 am -7:00 pm  Address: 8915 Timber side Dr Houston TX 770254)  HSK Vocabulary ContestDate: 1/3/2020  Time: 3:00pm-5:00 Pm   Address: Main Campus5) Open House for Spring semester registration!Main Campus: Date:  1-4-2020 Time: 9:00Am -5:00 PmPearland Branch : Date: 1-4-2020 Time : 9:30 Am- 5:30 Pm   


Life at Dragon Academy

06-03-2019 The Summer Camp Starts;07-04-2019 No School;08-09- 2019 End of program;08-23-2019  Last day of 2019 Summer Camp;08-26-2019  The first day of 2019 Fall Semester 08-26-2019 afterschool starts; 08-31-2019 Weekend school starts;09-02-2019 No school11-25,25,27-2019 Thanksgiving Camp12-23,24,26,27,30,31; 01-2,3-2020 Winter camp  


Now Hiring:Houston Dragon Academy is now hiring as we expand the school. We hope that you can bring ingenuity and new perspectives to our community, and in return, we will provide a space for growth and development!1. Requirements: Undergraduate degree or above with teaching experience. Must have a sense for solid work and responsibility, strong communication and coordination skills, and be able to work with a team. 2. Positions available: three Chinese teachers, two math teachers,  two English teachers, one school bus driver.3. Wages are negotiable.4. Contact method:  emailContact: Ms. GuoEmail: info@houstondragonacademy.org                              招聘启事     龙学天下中文学校现因学校发展需要,现面向社会招聘,愿您的加入给我们带来新的活力,我们也将为您提供广阔的发展空间!1、招聘要求:正规本科以上师范学历,工作认真扎实,具有较强的沟通协调能力和团队协作意识,有责任心;师范专业,有教学经验。2、招聘人数及岗位:中文老师 三名, 数学老师二名,校车司机一名, 英文老师两名。3.工资待遇, 面议4.报名方式:Email联系人:郭老师Email: info@houstondragonacademy.orgpost coming up soon...